About Dexter's Light.

Our special little boy.

Dexter James Cook passed away suddenly on May 30th 2014. Aged one year and 25 precious days, his parents Gemma and James wanted to ensure his memory and name lived on.

How we started

Dexter's Light was originally set up on Facebook as a place where people could post pictures of Dexter or recall happy memories and tell stories about him. It then developed into a place where people could light candles and express sympathy.

Thousands of people joined the group world wide with messages of support and prayers being said all over the world.

Community spirit

The group started community projects and raised over £1,000 for the local church where Dexter's funeral took place.

Donations were made in Dexter's name to the Children's Trust and a working party was established to landscape the graveyard in which Dexter is buried after a particularly showery springtime led to the grass growing out of control.

More recently Dexter's Light have donated books to local children's centres and play schools so that children could enjoy books with their families and learn sensory skills such as how books should feel, the correct way to hold books and the turning of the pages.

Our mission...